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• An early stage team (pre-incorporation) with only an idea;
• A pre-seed stage startup working on your Minimal Viable Product (MVP);
• A foreign startup seeking access to the Vietnamese market; or
• A spin-off from a local enterprise?
NINJA Accelerator in Ho Chi Minh City helps you build an investible, high social and economic impact startup in 3 months.

The 11-week structured program will be conducted in English, at Ho Chi Minh City, where you will be incubated at one of our partners’ incubation spaces.

The culmination is a Demo Day, where teams present their solutions to potential accelerators, venture builders and investors from all across our partners’ networks.

In the subsequent months, we bring investors to you from our partners’ network, with the goal of raising a seed round that sets you on the path to scale.

What's in IT for me?

Incubation Space

Gain access to our Partners' landing pad and incubation spaces, with networking opportunities and exposure


Access to our Program Partners' network of investors and fundraising opportunities

Market Expansion

Gain connected to networkers in the local market and SEA for market expansion

Build your MVP

Build your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in the 11-week program, and implement your solution

Build Your Team

Get assess to our Partners' network of talents to build your dream team!


Get dedicated mentorship from experienced industry experts and seasoned entrepeneurs

Starts on 25 August 2020


How do I start?

You should have a project team or startup of at least two, up to five, members with a nearly stage idea or a startup solution. All members should have basic understanding and command of English.

Career Assessment ProfilE

All participants will complete a Career Assessment Profile. It is designed to help you understand your career inclination and the manner you function.


A series of webinars will be conducted, where we will hear from domain experts and our partners in the innovation ecosystem. This will help you have a deeper understanding on the challenges identified.

What’s your idea?

Tell us about your idea or startup solution in a document and submit these questions with your team's application:

1) Whose problem are you solving?
2) What is the problem you are solving?
3) How serious is this problem to the owner of the problem?
4) How are you going to solve the problem?
5) How is your approach better than others, if any?
6) To solve this problem, what are the capabilities of your team?
Registration closes on 2 November 2020


Top 60

A panel, consisting of our partners, will screen through all the applications to select the Top 60 outstanding ideas, based on an internal rubrics.

Final 30

The Top 60 teams will be invited to a half-day closed door virtual gamified pitching event, where you will be given 5 minutes to pitch to fellow Teams (no panel involved!) in the virtual room. The top 30 most-supported teams will proceed to participate in NINJA Accelerator in Ho Chi Minh City.


Successful teams will be invited to interview, where you will meet the NINJA team – the Chief Instructor, your mentor, and our program partners. The interview will help the NINJA team understand your solution.

Get housed!

You will be invited to a briefing at our partner’s incubation space, while the friendly incubation managers will help you to proceed with your on-boarding processes for the 3-month acceleration program.

Registration closes on 2 November 2020


Over the next 3 months, your team will go through a structured program, designed to help you build and validate your solution. The program adopts the lean methodology, and gets you out of your office building beyond the four walls to understand customer problems, iterate your solutions with potential customers, pivot or build new viable business models.


Here is where your discovery and building journey begins. The launch will kick-start the 3-month program with a 2-day boot camp, where you will be introduced to the pedagogy, which will help you build a viable business model in the Vietnam market. In this boot camp, you meet all other successfully selected teams for the Challenge.


Each team will be matched with a dedicated and experienced mentor. Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs, who are the domain expertise with networks to the industry.

Weekly Sessions

Teams, Mentors and Chief Instructors will meet up weekly for check-ins on your progress. This huddle sessions help you gain inroads to the mentors’ and instructors’ networks. A bi-weekly networking session will also be held.

Week 2
29 Jan

Customer Archetype

NTUit Business Model Canvas

Week 3
5 feb

Market Validation I

Probing and Questioning Techniques

Week 4
26 Feb*

Market Validation II

Building your MVP – Codeless App

Week 5
5 Mar

Building MVP

Week 6
12 mar

MVP Validation I

Fundraising Fundamentals

Week 7
19 Mar

MVP Validation II

Week 8
26 mar

Fundraising Approach

Week 9
2 apr

Pitch Preparation

Finalise BMC and MVP

Week 10
9 apr

Pitch Angle

Demo Day Preparations
Pitch rehearsals with Mentors and Chief Instructors

Demo Day
16 APRIL 2021

Demo Day kicks off your fundraising rounds. After 3 months of hard work, all teams will pitch to potential accelerators, venture builders and investors from all across our partners’ networks –Vietnam, Japan and Singapore.


Our partners will bring investors to you, with the goal of raising a seed round to set you on the path to scale in the next 3 months.

Registration closes on 2 November 2020


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